small plates

crispy whitebait with chilli & lime ~ £6.95

Whitebait, served with rocket, aioli and burnt lime

Popcorn Shrimp ~ £6.95

Tiger prawns, breaded in creole spices, harissa slaw and house-made sweet chilli

Tempura Squid ~ £6.95

Fresh Cornish squid, in tempura batter, lime zest and salsa picante

Buttermilk Fried Chicken ~ £6.95

Rolled in a spiced flour coating, Chimichurri and sriracha mayo

land sea

Cajun Fish Burger ~ £9.95

Pan fried blackened Hake, rocket and sriracha mayo

Fish n Chips ~ £10.95

Jamaican beer-battered fish served with fries and mushy peas

Dead Man’s Fingers Ribs ~ £13.95 ~ GF

Rum-covered rack of baby ribs served with Creole rice and house slaw

Jambalaya ~ £12.95 ~ GF

Spicy rice-based dish with peppers, tiger prawns, chorizo and crab

Smoky Chickenburger ~ £9.95

Southern style smokey chicken, DMF rum sauce, baby gem, harissa slaw on a toasted brioche roll

shack burger ~ £9.95

6oz Burger, baby gem, beef tomato, gherkin and tempura onion rings. Add cheese ~ £1.00 / Add shrimp ~ £3.50

pulled pork taco ~ £11.95

Pulled pork in Dead Mans Fingers rum sauce and spicy pineapple salsa

crab lobster

Crab Tacos ~ £12.95

Dressed crabmeat, lemon zest, coriander, salsa picante in a warm tortilla

crab roll ~ £12.95

Crab, shrimp, toasted corn, Chile de arbol, creole mayo in a brioche roll

crab & shrimp salad ~ £12.95 ~ GF

White and brown cornish crab meat, shrimp, sweetcorn, mango and dressed leaves

whole crab or dressed crab ~ £15.95

Locally caught crab dressed and ready to go or get involved, start from scratch – we provide the tools! Served hot or cold with fresh bread and dip

whole or ½ lobster ~ GF

Locally caught lobster, all different weights and sizes. See blackboard for details. Availability seasonal


Mac n Cheese croquettes ~ £6.95 ~ V

Deep fried mac n cheese croquettes, smoked paprika and louisiana hot sauce

Artichoke-Crab Cakes ~ £10.95 ~ VG

A vegan take on one of our most popular dishes. Served with sweet potato fries and sweet chilli sauce

Vegan Jambalaya ~ £10.95 ~ GF

Spicy rice with peppers, onion and spinach and toasted sesame seeds

Tofu-Fish n Chips ~ £11.95 ~ VG

Tofu wrapped in crispy Nori deep fried to recreate a British classic. Served with mushy peas and chips and vegan tartare sauce


kid’s macaroni cheese ~ £6.50 ~ V

Cracked and ready to go

Kid’s Fish n Chips ~ £6.50

Battered fish and fries

Popcorn Chicken ~ £6.50

Buttermilk fried chicken bites served with fries


Jamaican Ice Cream Sundae ~ £5.95

Vanilla, strawberry and chocolate ice cream covered in toffee sauce, marshmallows, whipped cream and rum-soaked raisins

Bunuelos Cuban ~ £5.95

Cuban Donuts served with vanilla ice cream, hot salted caramel sauce and spiced nuts

Special Moomaid Ice Cream ~ £3.50

Made just for us: Dark rum, dark chocolate and black cherry / Rum, stem ginger and lime / Rum and raisin / Sorbet

sides sauces

Sweet potato fries ~ £3.50 / Skinny fries ~ £2.95

Steamed corn on the cob / Rice & peas / House slaw ~ £2.95

DMF rum sauce / Garlic mayo / House Sweet chilli sauce ~ £1.00