small plates

pint or half pint of prawns ~ £14.95 / £8.95 ~ GF

In their shells with garlic mayo and lemon 

Small Mussels ~ £10.95

Classic moules mariniere or spicy Thai coconut mussels 

Popcorn Shrimp ~ £8.95

Tiger prawns, breaded in Creole spices and house-made chipotle Mayo

Crispy Squid ~ £7.95

Cornish squid, sweet chilli and lime

crispy whitebait with chilli & lime ~ £6.95

Breaded whitebait, served with rocket, aioli and burnt lime 

croquettes ~ £6.95

Deep fried Monterey Jack croquettes served with garlic aioli

Shack Fish Chowder ~ £9.95

A rich and creamy clam chowder with smoked haddock and pancetta:
a classic Louisiana dish, served with bread

Bucket of Wings ~ £9.95

A bucket of chicken wings, spiced in a chili rub and served with a Cajun dip,
fries and house slaw

hearty sharIng boards

serves 2-4 people 

Shacks Seafood Sharer ~ £45

Tempura fish, crispy squid, whitebait,  pan fried whole prawns, Creole rice, corn on the cob, bread, tartare sauce

Shacks Crab Sharer ~ £55

Whole dressed crab, bucket of mussels, half a pint of prawns, whitebait, fries, bread, tartare sauce

Shacks Meat Sharer ~ £45

Jerk chicken, Dead Mans Fingers ribs, spicy chicken wings, pulled pork, fries and garlic bread

crab lobster

whole crab or dressed crab ~ Whole £21.95 ~ Dressed £23.95  ~ GF

Locally caught crab dressed and ready to go or get involved, start from
scratch – we provide the tools! Served hot or cold with fresh bread and dip 

whole crab or dressed crab ~ £15.95 ~ GF

Seasonal availability, please ask for market price

whole or ½ lobster ~ GF

Seasonal availability, please ask for market price

crab linguine ~ £15.95

Cornish crab, tiger prawns, white wine, chilli, lemon, olive oil and parsley

Crab Tacos ~ £14.95

Dressed crabmeat, lemon zest, coriander, salsa picante in a warm, soft tortilla


Vegan Jambalaya ~ £13.95 ~ VG

Spicy rice-based with peppers, seitan, and mixed beans

Vegan Fish n Chips ~ £13.95 ~ VG

Tofu wrapped in crispy nori deep fried served with peas, chips and vegan tartare sauce

Spicy Chickpea Falafel ~ £13.95 ~ VG

Jerk seitein, black beans, pico de gallo salsa, crispy lettuce, sriracha mayo in a soft tortilla

land sea

Jerk Chicken and Dead Man’s Fingers Rib Combo ~ £24.95

Why not go all out for both? 

Jerk Chicken ~ £17.95

Jerk roasted chicken served with with rice and peas

combination of both 

Cajun Spiced Fish~ £17.95

Catch of the day pan fried in southern spices and served on a mussel and Chorizo Broth 

Shack Seafood Curry ~ £16.95

Locally caught fish, roasted garlic and chilli served with pilau rice and chapati

Dead Man’s Fingers Ribs ~ £15.95 ~ GF

Rum-covered rack of baby back ribs served with Creole rice

Jambalaya~ £15.95 ~ GF

Spicy rice-based dish with peppers, tiger prawns, chorizo and crab

Steamed Mussels ~ Large / Small £14.95 / £10.95

Choose between classic moules mariniere or spicy Thai coconut mussels

pulled pork taco ~ £13.95

Pulled pork in Dead Man’s Fingers rum sauce and spicy pineapple salsa in a warm tortilla

hogs mac n cheese ~ £13.95

BBQ pulled pork in a rich cheese sauce, with a bacon & parmesan crust 

Fish n Chips ~ £13.95

Jamaican beer-battered fish served with fries and peas

Shack Burger ~ £12.95

Chargrilled beef patty with melted cheese, pickles and iceberg. Add pulled pork £2


kid’s mac n cheese ~ £8.95 ~ V

Pasta with a creamy cheese sauce

Chicken Goujons ~ £8.95

Breaded chicken with fries

Kid’s Fish n Chips ~ £8.95

Kids fish n chips


Rum Baba ~ £7.95

Plantation rum soaked sponge with Chantilly cream

Rum Chocolate Pot ~ £7.95

A set pudding of rich chocolate and dark
rum served with a shortbread biscuit

Bunuelos Cuban ~ £7.95

Home made Cuban donuts filled with a choice: Nutella | Raspberry | Coffee cream

Add a 5cl mini bottle of Dead Man’s Fingers~ £3.95

Hazelnut | Raspberry | Coffee

Cornish ice cream ~ £3.95

Vanila | Strawberry | Chocolate | Rum and Raisin

roskilly’s dairy free ice cream 120ml pot ~ £3.95 ~ V

Rasperry ripple | Mango | Salted caramel | Mint chocolate

sides sauces

Cheesy garlic bread ~ £4.95 / Garlic bread ~ £3.95 

Mixed olives ~ £3.50 / Steamed corn on the cob ~ £3.50

House slaw ~ £2.95 Fries ~ £2.95

Basket of bread ~ £2.95 / Rice & peas ~ £2.95

Garlic mayo ~ £1.50 / House sweet chilli sauce ~ £1.50

Dead Man’s Fingers rum sauce ~ £1.50