House Cocktails

happy hour ~ 2 for £12 ~ 12-6pm

Dead Man’s Fingers basic beach ~ £7.50

Dead Man’s Fingers mango rum, lychee,
banana liqueur, pineapple and lime

Dead Man’s Fingers Berry Daiquiri ~ £7.50

Dead Man’s Fingers raspberry rum,
strawberry and lime

Dead Man’s Fingers Spiced Rum & Coke ~ £7.50

Dead Man’s Fingers spiced rum, lime, coke

Dead Man’s Fingers Stormy ~ £7.50

Dead Man’s Fingers spiced rum, lime, ginger beer

Stargazy Cosmic Punch ~ £7.50

Contains nuts: Stargazy Cosmic Caramel rum liqueur, Dead Man’s Fingers spiced rum, RedLeg pineapple rum, lime, almond and pineapple

Stargazy Iced Coffee ~ £7.50

Stargazy rum, espresso, milk

Corona Lager ~ 4 bottles ~ £10

2 Large glasses of house wine ~ £10

in other news …

St Ives Gin Sling ~ £9.95

Our take on a tiki classic, using local St Ives Gin. Fruity, boozy and goes down like a tropical punch

Plantation Old Fashioned ~ £9.95

No nonsense and straight up, in this the
rum speaks for itself

Davy Jones Locker ~ £9.95

Coffee, caramel and Kracken rum.
Locally sourced Yallah cold brew coffee, you won’t be disappointed

DMF Porn Star Martini ~ £8.95

Dead Man’s Fingers passionfruit rum, Old J Silver, lime sugar and a shot of prosecco.

Death in the Afternoon ~ £8.95

Don’t be fooled by the name, this concoction of Appleton Kingston rum, coconut and strawberries, hits all the right spots.

Italia Tropicana ~ £8.95

Espolon Tequila, pineapple and grapefruit. What’s not to like?

Aperol Spritz ~ £7.95 

This slightly bitter, vibrantly good drink has been a staple aperitif in Italy since the 1950s. Aromatic with citrus and slightly bitter, it’s paired perfectly with chilled prosecco.

Old J Mojito ~ £7.95

Go classic with this refreshing blend of mint, lime and sugar muddled with Old J Rum, finished with a drizzle of Skipper Rum. A winner on those sticky, sunny afternoons.

Tiki Whisky Sour ~ £7.95

Wild Turkey Bourbon, lime and Tiki Bitters – our take on a New York classic.

Wray and Ting ~ £7.95

This combination of overproof rum and grapefruit soda has become a phenomenon in Jamaica and beyond.

no booze here

Strawberry Fields ~ £5.95

Fresh strawberries, mint and apple juice

Virgin Mojito ~ £5.95

The classic mint, lime and sugar with lemonade and without the booze

Virgin Pina Colada ~ £5.95

Coconut syrup, cream and fresh pineapple juice

punch bowls

Dead Man Walking ~ serves 2–4 ~ £18

We got a Dead Man Walking here! Our twist on a Zombie with Dead Man’s Fingers spiced. Not for the fainthearted.

White Rum Sangria ~ serves 2–4 ~ £18

Our take on the classic Spanish Sangria, with Aluna Coconut Rum, Cointreau, St Germain Elderflower Liqueur, fresh apple juice, mint and Sauvignon Blanc white wine.

Tropical Margarita ~ serves 2–4 ~ £18

A certain mystique draws you in and gets the taste buds salivating in this tequila punch bowl. Saludos Amigo!


Alcoholic, iced cocktails

Duran Duran ~ £7.95

Dead Man’s Fingers coconut rum for a Pina Colada style

The Cure ~ £7.95

Southern Comfort, passionfruit and vanilla.
A bittersweet, exotic blend, an alcoholic slushy you can’t get enough off